What we do

We support children and youth to reach their full potential!

We reach out to children every year, and we choose vulnerable children to sponsor. We are providing them with financial assistance so that they can attend school and get a better education. We hope to change the lives of these young children with the help of sponsors.

What we care for

We run small-scale schools for the underprivileged children .

War Victims

The sponsorship program was initially targeting children who have families that suffered the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.  These families are struggling to live in society and supporting their children due to post traumatic stress from past events.  With your help and support A.C.F would like to sponsor over 200 children in our school.


The Volunteering program is one of our important initiatives. We join hands with our friends, supporters, and donors to make a real difference and impact in our community. At Alpha Community Foundation volunteering is a source of great pride for our Christian charity. It gives a testimony of the universal church of Christ.

Single parents and poor families

A.C.F also provides children from single parent households with free education. These children are from single mothers who make very low income to provide children with basic needs which include food, clothing, and education. With our community schools we take the initiative to help.


A.C.F  also sponsors children who are living in child headed families, who don’t have a mother or father and are in need of a parental figure.

With the right funding and support A.C.F can continue to help the community more effectively. Building a successful community requires help and contributions of any sort, especially in education. A.C.F would like to thank you for your consideration.