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Bishop Louis MUVUNY

The Rt. Rev Muvunyi Louis
A Christian, married to Rev Winnie Agaba Muvunyi, blessed to have three sons: Ignatious, David and Barnabas.
Founder member of Alpha Community Foundation (ACF).
Education: Holder of Bachelors Degree in Divinity from Uganda Christian University.
Holder of Masters Degree in Theology (Biblical Interpretation) from Glasgow, UK

Winnie Agaba

My name is Winnie Agaba and I’m the founder of the Alpha community foundation. As an orphan myself, I grew up knowing what it felt like to go through life with little direction. I lost both of my parents at an early age and I grew up in great poverty. As I got older, I knew that I wanted something better for the children in my community. After years of praying and planning, I decided to open a school that would address the problems surrounding my community. In 2005, Alpha Community Academy was born and our work has continued to transform lives.

Clayton Radke


Clayton (Clay) Radke is a senior professor in chemical engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. He has published over 300 scientific articles, mentored over 80 PhD and 30 MS students, and is a member of the National Academy of Engineers. He won the Proctor & Gamble Colloid Chemistry Award of the American Chemistry Society in 2003, the John Franklin Carl Award of the Society of Petroleum Engineering in 2011, the Ruben Medal of the International Society of Contact Lens Researchers in 2019, and the Pioneer Award in Improved Oil Production of the Society of Petroleum Engineering in 2020. He consults regularly in the area of applied surface science.

Calvin Ho

Calvin served as a pastor in California for seven years. He and his wife cofounded Compassion Pet Hospice in 2016 to provide families with end-of-life support for pets. He is currently the Board President for Project Peace, runs a food bank project in Lebanon called People in Need, and works as a software consultant. Calvin is married to Tiffany and has two children.

Jerry Gager

I am a retired highway design engineer. I was a registered engineer in California, Idaho and Washington. My wife Dorothy and I have one daughter who lives and works in Washington, DC. I am an EMT and worked for American Ambulance when we lived in Fresno, CA. Currently, we live in Orinda, CA.


Ignatius Mugisha

Ignatius is ACF’s operations manager and secretary in Rwanda. Has a degree in business studies from the University of Bedfordshire in Luton, England. Has spent the last four years in Rwanda working as an accountant for Alpha Community Academy and contributing to the mission of A.C.F.