Together, we can

Build a Rwanda where all kids are safe and have a better future.

Our Impact

We’ve worked on improving the lives of over 20 families through direct practice.


►Alpha Community Foundation (ACF) has a school called Alpha Community Academy founded in 2004 and started its operations in 2005 by Rev. Winne Muvunyi who is married to Rev Louis Aimable Muvunyi. Alpha Community Academy is a Christian school aiming at impacting good Christian morals and values in children of today.  The school empowers the next generation of leaders by grooming communication skills, self-esteem, and confidence.

►We are improving the lives of over 20 families through promotion of child education and other practical good deeds the child needs to grow well.

►We have been able to reach the families and provide them with support and prayers though our outreach program

►We have made it a goal to know the lives of the children and make sure we can provide for them during school breaks

What we are about

Alpha Community Foundation completely changes the life of these children, bringing hope and opportunity not only to the child, but also to their family. Completing their education will ultimately transform their chances in life, particularly in employment, and with the chance of securing a professional career, their family can also be lifted from extreme poverty.

We currently have 25 students at Alpha Community Academy, but with your support, we can extend our program to offer more scholarship places. The need in our community continues to be high, with some of the poorest children either not attending school at all, or not even finishing their primary education, before having to leave school, due to the family’s poor financial situation.

 Our Foundation aims to support students not only until they finish their Grade 6 studies at Alpha Community Academy, but to support them on through high school and university.


We Find & Fund

We are in search of opportunities to help as many youth as possible. We approach and fund all those who are in need.

We Provide Care

Today’s youth need a helpful hand and right guidance at every stage. Here’s where we take care of them like our own.

We Educate

We run small-scale schools for the underprivileged and vulnerable children in our communities.

We Employ

We provide jobs for some young boys and girls in Kigali and around it, so that they can be able to earn a living

Our Calling

Shape a better generation of East African children.

Provide affordable Education to the less fortunate members in the community through special programs.

Introducing Christian morals and values to young children in Rwanda by preaching the word of God.